The Back of Beyond Universe

1: River's Edge (NR):Pre-slash - Dylan Hunt seeks sanctuary.

2: Lady of the Lake (NR): Pre-slash/Het - Yvaine speaks.

The Sentinel

Interruption (M): Slash - Blair catches Jim in a compromising position. Originally written for the Merry Month of May Masturbation Challenge of 1997.

Sugar Rush (T): Slash - Absolute silliness with Rice Krispie treats. (Written with Taylor Collins)

The Gift (T): AU/Slash - An anniversary looms on the horizon.

Cold Equations (M): AU/Slash - Things are not always what they seem on the surface

Black Sun (AU - M): AU/Slash - Blair Sandburg encounters a different sort fate

Space: Above and Beyond

Comfort and Joy (M):Femslash - My very first slash story (1997). Vanessa Damphousse and Shane Vansen come to an understanding

Midnight Clear (M): Het - Vanessa Damphousse has an interesting holiday encounter.

Stargate Atlantis

Stand-alone Fic

Rubicon (T):Pre-femslash - SGA/SG-1 crossover: Every day brings a new beginning. For Samantha Carter, her new beginning is in Atlantis.

Perks (T): Teyla is a wee bit annoyed with Ronon

Rough Justice (T): entry for the Oddball_SGA Drabble Challenge #3. Prompt: "They had nothing to say to each other."

Truth (T): In which Teyla imparts an important truth about Rodney

Intentions: A Teyla/Lorne cosomology

Intentions I: Declarations of Intent (T): Teyla has always learned to expect the unexpected.

Intentions II: Special (T): John decides to find out Lorne's intentions. Lorne is amused.

Intentions III: Vigilant (T): Lorne knows all about waiting.

Intentions IV: Edge (M): PWP - Teyla. Lorne. Fisting.

X-Men: Hybrids

Crucible (M): Comicverse/AU/ Het - The renewal and rebirth of Ororo Munroe

What's in a Name? (T): Movieverse/Het: Just what is a wolverine?

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